WTC multipurpose presentation room

World Trade Centre - Amsterdam

Within the World Trade Centre – Amsterdam it was decided to make a small but technically advanced presentation space. In the space with a limited height of 2.3 meters, it is possible to create a half-round panoramic image with 3 projectors, on which various performances and films can be shown.

The projection, audio and light system runs on 1 single media computer with 3 video outputs and 1 video input, allowing users of the room to hold presentations on the large screen with their own laptop, both full-size and picture-in picture.

By using Lightware components (extenders, switches and button panels) an extensive system of control and switching has been created so that the space is made suitable for various users with diverse technical knowledge.

In the room, use was made of RGBW luminaires that are DMX controlled, as well as accent and contour lighting in RGBW. The space can thus be brought into any desired atmosphere to support the displayed content or the appearance that is appropriate for the customer or user at that time.

The entire system of projectors, light and media computer can also be managed remotely.

  • Location: World Trade Centre – Amsterdam
  • Opening: June 2019
  • Client: World Trade Center Amsterdam
  • Lighting design, Lighting and media control, AV technology and installation Technical production: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Project management AV: Stijn van Bruggen (Rapenburg Plaza)
  • Spatial design: Raar Ontwerp, Joost van der Weerd
  • AV content: Diederick Huijbers