Rapenburg Plaza

Vincent van Gogh, 400 days in Amsterdam

  • Location: City Archives, Amsterdam
  • Open: December 18, 2015
  • Client: Stadsarchief Amsterdam
  • Exhibition design: Levie van der Meer
  • Décor construction: Szolt kamaras-Wouter Nieuwendijk
  • Lighting design and lighting installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Photography: Jeffrey Steenbergen Rapenburg Plaza

Before Vincent van Gogh became the artist we all know now, he stayed in Amsterdam for over a year, to study theology; he wanted to be a preacher. During this period, he wrote a lot of openhearted letters to his brother Theo. These letters, with gorgeous descriptions of the city, based on numerous paintings and images, are the starting point for the exhibition ‘Vincent van Gogh, 400 days in Amsterdam’.

New light for this Exhibition.
For years, we’ve taken care of the lights for the exhibitions in the spaces for temporary exhibitions. The old halogen light fixtures could not be used for much longer. After a test with different LED fixtures, to determine which ones would be most suitable for these rooms, we  supplied and installed new fixtures. ‘Vincent van Gogh, 400 days in Amsterdam’ is the first exhibition we shed a light on white this new fixtures.