Rapenburg Plaza

Tussen IJzer en Staal

  • Location: Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
  • Open: April 17, 2016
  • Initiator Exhibition: Hans Dijk
  • Artist: Hélène Min
  • Exhibition concept and Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Exhibition concept and AV content: Arjen Klerkx
  • AV-content, Technics and Programming: Jordi Wolswijk, Lars Huijgen, Tom Stiegelis
  • Technical production: Rapenburg Plaza and Daan Hazendonk
  • Photography: Amerens Hedwich Photography

On February 27th 2016, the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam was exactly seventy years old. On the occasion of this 70th anniversary year, Nieuw Dakota presents a special exhibition in collaboration with Foundation NDSM Revives Foundation NDSM, Rapenburg Plaza and Hélène Min.

Last Sunday the exhibition opened in a festive mood with a large crowd including many old workers of the yard.

The multimedia installation brings together the two historical phases of the wharf – the past as shipyard and the period afterwards as a cultural zone – into a mutually reinforcing whole. Through video, light, physical objects, sound and contemporary artworks from NDSM artist Hélène Min, visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of the former shipyard.