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Tommy Touch – Retail Fixture

  • Design: Momkai
  • Development and programming of technology: Rapenburg Plaza

In collaboration with digital creative agency Momkai, Rapenburg Plaza developed and programmed the technology for a revolutionary, interactive retail fixture, the Tommy Touch, for fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. The fixture is equipped with Near Field Communication, Proximity Sensing, Interactive Lighting and a touch inferface.

The shop-in-shop fixture can detect a costumer in its proximity and greets the person standing in front of it. Underneath the interface, the client can find garments in all the different sizes available. When the client takes a garment off the shelf, the Tommy Touch detects which size is missing and shows the colors available in that size on its interface. The customer picks a color, puts the garments in the shopping basket and checks out. This way, large stock can be offered in minimal physical retail space.

As from the end of 2017, the Tommy Touch will be installed at our selected key partners.