Thomas Acda – Motel


After twenty years, Acda and the Munnik came to an end. Was there already the idea for a solo performance? Perhaps. But he first decided to direct two films, to write a novel, to make the songs for the musicals ‘De Marathon’ and ‘All Stars’ and to play the leading role in the star-filled musical ‘Fiddler on the roof’ during the last theater season. He received two musical awards including the best acting performance (‘Thomas Acda moves’).

And now there is the solo performance. Thomas Acda, back on stage with his own musical theater performance, together with David Middelhoff and Laura Trompetter.

Location: DeLaMar theatre & tour

  • Opening night: 21-12-2018
  • Lighting Design & Stage Design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Video content Design: Reynoud Wieringa
  • AV- Lighting technicians : Martijn Nieuwenburg & Wouter Janmaat
  • Director: Ruut Weissmann
  • Tour management: Tanya Ruygrok
  • Set building: Man met de Hamer
  • Sound Design: Bo Bruijs
  • Producer : Ine de Boer