Rapenburg Plaza

The Coopery – The Zaans Museum

At the Zaanse Schans, the Zaans Museum has a very unusual new attraction: The Coopery. Here visitors can take a step back in time into the old Tiemstra Coopery.
The Coopery is located in the former Brouwer barge-building yard and comes from the barrels and cooperage trade S.R. Tiemstra & Sons in Oostzanerwerf. On his death in 1999, the last cooper, Jaap Tiemstra, left behind a completely intact cooperage.
Commissioned by the Zaanse Schans Foundation, the Zaans Museum is exhibiting a new museum presentation of the company. The Coopery not only shows what the craft of the cooper was all about but you can also feel the spirit of the last cooper. The Coopery has been open to the public since 2 June 2011.