Rapenburg Plaza

Nieuwe Kerk – Streets of the World

  • Location: Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam
  • Open: April 2016
  • Exhibition design: Tjallien Walma van der Molen
  • Décor construction: Huib Nelissen
  • AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • AV content: The Unit
  • Photography: Evert Elzinga

Streets of the World, which exhibits along with the World Press Photo exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk, Is the impressive project of photographer Jeroen Swolfs. He traveled to almost all countries of the world to capture everyday life in the past seven years. The particular period piece that came out, is quite characteristic. It shows a world in which the similarities between countries and between people are far greater than the differences. At present there remains a challenging list of eight countries, including Syria, Libya and Yemen.

His images are displayed on a large installation (4 meters high), with four screens, designed by Tjallien Walma van der Molen. All images are edited by The Unit and therefore a beautiful view as one project .