‘Rapenburgerstraat 1940-1945’ + ‘Together at the table again’.


Two exhibitions that tell stories of the persecution of the Jews in the Second World War. Portraits of disappeared lives from the Rapenburgerstraat and current video portraits of people who survived the war seemingly unharmed. Rapenburgerstraat 1940-1945 shows how the street changed unrecognizably during the war years. New archival research makes clear how the residents became victims of the Shoah. In ‘Together at the table again’, seventeen people are portrayed about their return after the war and to reunite with the family.

  • Location: Stadsarchief, Amsterdam
  • Open: Februari 24, 2018
  • Exhibition design: Levie van der Meer
  • Décor construction: Wouter Nieuwendijk
  • Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza