Stadsarchief Amsterdam – Amsterdam before it’s over

Photos by Dolf Toussaint
The Amsterdam photographer Dolf Toussaint (1924-2017) wandered through the streets of Amsterdam with his camera since the sixties and photographed the inhabitants in a striking manner. He knew better than anyone how to capture people in their social environment. Without romanticizing and with humor he photographed children on the street, pub-goers and workers. He shows that beautifully in his famous photo book De Jordaan (1965). The exhibition “Amsterdam before it’s over” brings together a selection of images from the late fifties to the mid-eighties. A unique exhibition by an idiosyncratic photographer in an equally remarkable period of Amsterdam’s history.

  • Location: Stadsarchief Amsterdam
  • Open:  juli 12 2018
  • Lighting design, lighting and media control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Project management: Stadsarchief Amsterdam
  • Exhibition design: The Exhibitionists
  • Décor construction: Wouter Nieuwendijk en Zsolt Kameras