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Silk – The International Dancetheatre

The production SILK is based on two legends from the wondrous world of the Orient and shows the power of young women who choose beauty and freedom. To attain happiness they go on an unknown journey, a mission, which takes them to strange people and cultures. What happens when strangers meet? That is the question that covers the Silk Road like a mantra and shows how important this road was in the spreading of cultures, in addition to its economic significance.
Music and movement touch the core of a person’s identity. They are a code to understand what someone is really trying to say. Physically, sensually and direct.
Eleven dancers and beautiful arrangements, Oriental sounds and songs of the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble. They take the audience on a journey with bated breath and tell them about two legends: of Hsi Ling Shih and of the Silk Princess and future wife of the King of Khotan.
Will they travel the famous Silk Road via the Taklamakan Desert, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Persia, and Iraq, or will they journey from Afghanistan to Persia and from there via Jordan and Egypt? Either way, both routes end in the Mediterranean Sea region, from which their “gold” can make the crossing to Rome.

  • Lighting Design by Rapenburg Plaza
  • Choreography by Jan Linkens
  • Costumes by Ben Voorhaar