Rapenburg Plaza

SHIP – IJmuiden


  • Location: IJmuiden, Amsterdam
  • Open: 30 March 2017
  • Lighting Design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Spatial Design: Ontwerp 77
  • Project Management: Podium
  • Décor construction: Brandwacht en Meijer
  • AV technology: Pro Systems

Curious about the construction of the world’s largest sealock? SHIP tells you more about it, and among other things; about the North Sea Channel area and the activities in the ports of Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Beverwijk and IJmuiden, as well as developments in innovation and sustainability in the companies along the North Sea Channel.

Because the construction of a lock takes place on a small surface and mostly underwater, a visit to the site is not possible. Therefore, SHIP has been developed, because here we show how the building is being tackled and how advanced the construction work is. In SHIP you will find a permanent and a changing exhibition about the North Sea Channel area and the new sea lock. There is also a classroom where young people get technical lessons, a number of meeting rooms and a restaurant. The SHIP takes the visitor into the story of the region now and in the future.