Shimano Experience Center SEC

Valkenbrug aan de Geul, Nederland

At the Shimano Experience Center, Shimano presents the various options for cycling, fishing and rowing. The experience center is no longer the traditional showroom, but an experience center where you get into contact with everything that Shimano has meant over the years for cycling, fishing and rowing with test materials, simulators and audio visuals.

In the center several AV screens have been placed on various key locations, both touch and non-touch, to support the products of Shimano through image and interaction. It was decided to build a multi-functional CMS with Pixilabs Blocks, an extensive CMS system with integrated show control system, which provides stability, is multi-disciplinary and is very user-friendly for the customer. He / she has a tool to adjust the experience center for every occasion or to respond to changing wishes from retail departments and PR & marketing from Shimano.

The Pixilabs Blocks system is designed to handle content as flexibly as possible. From a server application it is possible to be able to push all forms of content to various end-points (screens, projectors, etc.). The advantage is that the content is stored centrally (instead of being distributed everywhere by the center), making it easy and safe to manage.

Blocks is pre-eminently suitable for approaching remotely and thereby exchanging content, adapting interactives or even expanding the experience center with multiple screens or projections. The interventions to do this are limited to a network connection (possibly Wi-Fi) and the placement of the hardware (e.g. screens, projectors)

  • Location: Valkenbrug aan de Geul, the Netherlands
  • Opening: April 2019
  • Client: Shimano Europe
  • Lighting design, lighting and media control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Spatial design: Future Brand Uxus
  • Interior construction: Hypsos B.V.
  • AV content: Shimano