© Rapenburg Plaza

ProDemos – The Hague

  • Location: ProDemos, The Hague
  • Open: October 01, 2016
  • Exhibition design: Xpex
  • Décor construction: Unbranded
  • Lighting design, installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Lighting and media control, AV technology : VHS
  • AV content: Miracle Things

ProDemos is the “House for Democracy and the Rule of Law” and is based in the heart of Dutch national politics: directly opposite of the Houses of Parliament (Binnenhof) in The Hague.  In the ProDemos Visitor Centre, visitors can find out everything about the systems that govern democracy and the rule of law. Also, they are shown what citizens themselves can do to exert political influence – at municipal, provincial, national and European level.

For a new presentation on the second floor, a so-called “serious game”, we provided  the lighting design and the purveyance and installation of lights. During this game, visitors experience what democracy and rule of law entail, by means of audiovisual and lighting effects, to endorse the atmosphere throughout the visit.