Travelling with Van Gijn – Dordrecht

  • Location: Huis van Gijn, Dordrecht
  • Open: September 12, 2014 – May 25, 2015
  • Exhibition design and AV content: Jasper Letschert
  • AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza

Huis Van Gijn is a museum housed in two historic buildings on the Nieuwe Haven in Dordrecht. The main building is the former home of Simon van Gijn, after whom the museum is named.

From 12 September 2014, Huis van Gijn is hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Op reis met Van Gijn’ (‘Travelling with Van Gijn’). This is an interactive exhibition that takes the visitor on a journey in the 19th century. Based on his journals, the visitor discovers where Simon van Gijn went, how he travelled and what he did on his journey. There is also space devoted to unusual objects and archive material.
During this multimedia experience ‘Travelling with Van Gijn’, images, words and sounds are used to take the visitor to destinations such as Paris, London and the Alps, escorted by Simon van Gijn himself.

Rapenburg Plaza was responsible for the interactive video-installation with multi projection. 
For example, there is an interactive map on the floor. When visitors stand on a city, they are shown short films about these places that Simon van Gijn visited at the time.
Huis van Gijn is part of the Dordrechts Museum.