Rapenburg Plaza

Oorkaan – The String quartet of Mister Sax

  • Première : 12 Februari 2017, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht
  • Director: Jochem Stavenuiter
  • Dramaturgy: Marijn van der Jagt
  • Set Design: Hester Jolink
  • Artistic Direction: Caecilia Thunnissen
  • Lighting design: Tom Verheijen (Rapenburg Plaza)

Today we are going to march like a real fanfare! That sounds festive, but how does it sound if the fanfare is tired, and doesn’t feel like marching the street? Or if a girl from the fanfare gets a love letter and the others are jealous? In the string quartet of Mr. Sax a fanfare plays on the square where Mr. Sax lives. Whoever that is, Johannes, Dineke, Paulina and Simone only notice when the door of his mysterious house finally opens.
The string quartet of Meneer Sax is a theatrical concert for everyone from 6 years old, with the blazers of the sparkling Ebonit Saxophone Quartet. Director Jochem Stavenuiter (mimetheater group Bambie) made an immersive parade with lots of humor. With music from, among others, Ligeti, Ravel, Bach and Rossini.

Simone Müller: sopraan saxofoon
Dineke Nauta: alt saxofoon
Johannes Pfeuffer: tenor saxofoon
Paulina Marta Kulesza: bariton saxofoon