Oorbeeks Ombromanie

Shadow show by Serge Onnen, Tom Verheijen + Oorbeek in the bandstand in the Vondelpark

For one evening only in August 2010, the bandstand in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam was transformed into a giant Chinese lantern. Visitors could watch the shadows on the island to the accompaniment of a live soundtrack.
Oorbeek has been in existence since 2001 and is an ‘artists’ band’ that makes improvised music.
Overtone singing, mouth-harp, “air-tambourine”, baby piano and a lot more sounds guarantee an unpredictable experience.
Serge Onnen is an artist in this band who works a lot with simple forms of animation.
Shadow is also a form of animation: you fold your hands into a particular shape and a dog appears on the wall.

Tom Verheijen of Rapenburg Plaza was responsible for the lighting.
Sponsor: Focus Amsterdam