Rapenburg Plaza

Night Witches I


With NachtHexen I (English: Night Witches I), Jens van Daele kicks off a cycle that highlights heroines throughout the history of the world. This creation is inspired by the Russian night bombing regiment Taman during World War II, that consisted of women only – from pilots to technicians. Using light glider airplanes, they successfully bombed German defense lines.

  • Location: National tour
  • Premiere: Arnhem, December 9, 2017
  • Choreography and direction: Jens van Daele
  • Directing assistant: Karla Isidorou
  • Text: Hanne Struyf en Jens van Daele
  • Acting&dancing: Hanne Struyf , Patricia van Deutekom, Naomi Schwarz, Lucienne Kraan, Ronja Keultjes, Felicia Declercq
  • Live Music: Alexandra Bellen, Viva Sanches Reinoso
  • Music composition: Richard van Kruysdijk, Alexandra Bellen and Viva Sanchez Reinoso
  • Lighting and projection design: Tom Verheijen, Rapenburg Plaza