Mothers and Sons

  • Premiere : 28 mei 2016, Stadsschouwburg Leiden
  • Scenario: Terrence McNally
  • Producer: Kemna Theater / Senf Theaterpartners
  • Regie: Job Gosschalk
  • Set Design: Rob Snoek
  • Lightning Design: Pelle Herfst, Rapenburg Plaza

For the first time together on the stage: the stage greatness of Anne Wil Blankers and all-round entertainer Paul de Leeuw. In the Broadwayhit Mothers and Sons we follow a mother Katherine (Anne Wil Blankers) who visits her ex-partner (Paul de Leeuw) of her deceased son. Fulfilled with anger, jealousy, mourning and love for her on aids deceased son, Katherine goes to confront Cal. Cal in the meantime has gotten married to another man and has a son; Something that was unthinkable 20 years ago. After years of silence and hiding her emotions, Katherine is challenged to face the way society has changed.

The meeting with Cal is the starting point of a modern piece about the search for the changed meaning of family and the healing power of forgiveness. A rare beautiful Broadway drama, with sharp humor and a compelling story. Would Katherine succeed to allow Cal to find happiness? Mothers and Sons </ em> was nominated for 2014 for two Tony Awards, including those for Best Play, and is now for the first time in the Dutch theaters. With Anne Wil Blankers, Paul de Leeuw and Freek Bartels