Rapenburg Plaza

Tierra – Burning Bridges

  • Opening night: 14 december 2016, Stadstheater Arnhem
  • Location: National tour + Montreal Canada
  • Choreography: Jens van Daele & Ginette Laurin
  • Dance: Patricia van Deutekom, Audrey Bergeron, Elaine Gadet, Naomi Schwarz, Merle Schiebergen
  • Music & Compostition: Alexandra Bellon & Richard van Kruysdijk
  • Producer: Bjorn Jansen – Lijn6
  • Lighting design: Tom Verheijen Rapenburg Plaza

Jens van Daele’s Burning Bridges exists 10 years. To celebrate this glorious fact, Van Daele comes with a special new creation: Tierra. He created this swirling dance show together with Canadian choreographer Ginette Laurin.

“A dance inspired by the invisible forces that unite us in the grinding of this universe.” (Ginette Laurin)

“A dance over the ground under our feet, the vanity in time, from the dust from which we are born to the mud we return to.” (Jens van Daele)

Since 2012, Van Daele works from the collective Burning Bridges, consisting of a constantly changing composition of carefully selected international artists. In Tierra, five intriguing women take on the dance. Alexandra Bellon & Richard van Kruysdijk accompany them live on percussion and electronics.

Tierra had it’s premiere on 14th of December 2016 in Stadstheater Arnhem and runned from January to March 2017 throughout the country. In April it showed in Montreal, Canada.