Rapenburg Plaza

Marijke Muoi


This remarkable theatre production was part of Leeuwarden 2018, Cultural Capital. Under de Toer was a major logistical challenge in view of the fact that the performance is divided over 10 different locations between which the audience moves.
The largest and most important location is the Grote Kerk where Maria Louise of Hessen-Kassel (Marijke Muoi), ancestral mother of the house of Oranje Nassau, is buried with two skulls. The church was completely transformed by means of decor, lighting and projections. Co-operation between the different fields of activity was intensive and essential.

The Theaterkrant wrote on 29-01-2018:
‘Marijke Muoi is experience theatre of the purest kind. The decor from is impressive in its simplicity with grandiose projections on the bare walls, the beautifully lit organ, and that impressive pendulum. The best part is the tall stained-glass windows illuminatedthe outside.’

  • Location: Grote Kerk (Big Church), Leeuwarden
  • Open: January, 27 2018
  • Director: Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal
  • Text: Bouke Oldenhof
  • Scenography: Mirjam Grote Gansey
  • Sounddesign: Compaenen, Dennis Slot en Toon Boland
  • Lighting design: Tom Verheijen (Rapenburg Plaza)
  • Video design: Arjen Klerkx
  • Costume design: Sabine Snijders
  • Production/technique: Jelle Snijder
  • Producer: Freek van Duijn
  • Photography: Rene den Engelsman