Mannen van de Tango – Internationaal Dans Theater

The tango originated around 1880 in the tenements in Buenos Aires where the European emigrants arrived, and where the courtyards were filled with song, music and dance. It is drenched in emotion, passion, melancholy, longing and nostalgia. With the tango, you cannot escape from this narrative, or from the strong emotions it evokes. The music is universal, and touches you deep in your heart. Pugliese’s powerful rhythms keep your feet on the ground, while the heavenly melodies make you float on air. In his compositions and arrangements he creates uniquely individual structures and aural images that always have the element of dance at their foundation. This brings about a new reality, which creates space for other art forms and lends itself outstandingly to a different vision of movement.
For choreographer Neel Verdoorn, the challenge is to work with all the stylistic qualities that make the tango so unique. Two bodies that become one, with the centre of balance precisely between them. The fascinating spatial patterns, alternating with the intimate narration of the story of two people through the medium of dance and music.
Lighting designer : Pelle Herfst of Rapenburg Plaza has captured the atmosphere of loneliness, emotion, passion, melancholy, longing and homesickness in his lighting.