Konya Science Centre – Turkey

  • Location: Turkey, Konya
  • Basic Science Exhibition
  • Exhibition design: Kiss the Frog
  • Exhibition construction: Bruns
  • Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Our Bodies Exhibition
  • Exhibition design: Maltbie
  • Exhibition construction: Bruns
  • Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza

Rapenburg Plaza is commissioned by Bruns for the lighting design of two exhibitions in the Konya Science Centre in the heart of Turkey.
Konya Science Center is the first truly large interactive science center in Turkey dedicated to informal learning about science and technology. They expect that this science center will attract 1.7 million visitors per year, which makes it a promising attraction for Konya and Turkey. The exhibition includes topics such as:

• Basic science
• New technologies
• Earth and bio systems
• Space
• Health
• Konya history and culture

The center is open to all ages and the goal is to bring people with different backgrounds together to transfer knowledge through experimental and practical spaces that are designed to trigger curiosity. The centers would satisfy all the senses of the human being. Konya Science Center has strived to not just give the information, but to increase their attention and the importance of science through interaction.