Kussend paar op afstand

Kissing Couple


Kussend Paar (Kissing Couple) is a sweet, cheerful and world-famous Dutch couple, but until recently was nowhere to be visited. By placing this statue at a prominent point along the fast cycling route from Zaanstad to Amsterdam Centrum / Sloterdijk, at a spot where cyclists wait daily and boats pass by, it is hoped that this will become the romantic centre of the Netherlands and that the couple will soften the appearance of an otherwise rough port area.
The lighting plan for the Kissing Couple consists of 14 CLS Revo floodlights with RGBW LED light sources recessed into the ground and controlled by a lighting control program using the DMX protocol. This allows different lighting scenes that add an extra dimension to the statue. This narrative approach to lighting also makes it possible to tell small stories.

  • Location: Westpoort, Amsterdam
  • Open: December 15, 2017
  • Design: Saske van der Eerden
  • Lighting design, lighting and media control and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Concept: Bright Up
  • Construction: Saske van der Eerden, ArchitecturePlus, Van Zuilen Constructie Advies