After the first collaboration in the performance Silent Songs last season, the Internationaal Danstheater and the Doelen Ensemble in Rotterdam are collaborating again in Hopper, a performance about the work of painter Edward Hopper.

Wim Wenders used inspiration from Hopper’s work in his film Paris-Texas: Stopping in motion film, and motion in stationary perspectives. A story about ‘time’. Each painting has a story before it stops and appears to go further after the “picture” moment. What happened after that moment? Time seems stretched, his paintings were a resistance to modern alienation.

In the dance performance we see enchanted scenes that are at the same time mildly disturbing: modern humans, imagined as an isolated and melancholic creature. The music gives him the power to break his isolation. Realistic images that are emotional, active, dissonant and in harmony at the same time. A fascinating musical and dancey journey through the work of one of the most groundbreaking artists of the last century.

  • Location: DeLaMar, Amsterdam
  • Opening night : 11 March 2018
  • Choreography: Neel Verdoorn
  • Décor construction: Man met de Hamer
  • Lighting design + Set design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Music: Doelen Ensemble
  • Costumes: Ben Voorhaar