Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Het Zuidelijk Toneel is a theatre company with a focus on the Brabant Region of the Netherlands.

In this new theater play ‘De Achterkant van… ‘ Het Zuidelijk Toneel delves deeper into the hidden society behind the drug crime of Heerlen, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Roosendaal, Den Bosch, Zeeland and Breda.

Have you ever been sad? Do you also find life so boring? Feel like a party?
Drugs are the black gold of the modern happiness industry.

About the show:
Smoking chimneys, money transports, waste heaps, shadowy deals. The drug industry in the southern provinces of The Netherlands involves more than that. Teenagers stretching their limits, men who prefer to remain silent, a neighborhood with different faces, an old man pained by regret, in The Back of…. they meet each other. But what binds them, what do they have in common?
The Back of…. is an exciting, thriller-like theater performance.

This performance can be seen in various theaters until the end of October 2019.

  • Première: Theaters Tilburg,  September 7, 2019
  • Client : Het Zuidelijk Toneel
  • Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Director: Bram van der Kelen
  • Photography: Bart Grietens