Heavy Metal – MIM, Bruxelles

Heavy Metal – Traditional Sounds from Asia brings 82 metallophones of the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) to the Royal Palace.
These gongs, bells, bowls and drums all come from Asia, where they play an important role in the musical culture and society.
In the royal palace with its stunning architecture and huge chandeliers in all areas the collection is presented on low platforms inspired by landing stages in the still waters of the orient.
The tops of the platforms feature images of typical oriental plant, this lists the objects.
The objects are lit by LED spots that are housed in lanterns with rice paper. Some objects are alternately illuminated from below and can be heard at that time.
The setup is made as though the musician can enter any moment to start their performance. The emphatic green color of plants and low setups has its own character and is still in harmony with its royal surroundings.
The objects are divided into three rooms of the museum:

  • The Crown Room with an Indonesian Gamelan up
  • The Marble Hall: with an arrangement of gongs
  • Gallery: with drums and Tibetan bells


  • Exhibition Design : Kinkorn
  • Lighting Design : Rapenburg Plaza