FIFA World Football Museum-Zurich

  • Location: Switserland, Zurich
  • Open: September 2016
  • Exhibition design: Ralph Appelbaum Associates
  • Set construction: Hypsos
  • Media control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • AV content: Ralph Appelbaum Associates

The FIFA World Football Museum opened to the public in February 2016. Located in downtown Zurich, Switzerland, the Museum has become a city landmark and a worldwide destination for football fans

In addition to its permanent collection and various activities, the FIFA World Football Museum will organise up to three temporary exhibitions per year with the aim to preserve the rich heritage of football and show how the game continues to connect and inspire the world. The Museum wants these exhibitions to be exciting, colourful, of varied topics and with a strong narrative in which football is the main theme.

The first of this series of temporary exhibitions launched in September 2016 with the theme ‘Brazil 2014 Revisited’. Hypsos executed this temporary exhibition, under the authority and to the design of Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Rapenburg Plaza was responsible  for Media control, AV technology and installation.