Sustainability on stage – VPT

On Wednesday 3 November 2010, enthusiasts could take part in a unique experiment with sustainable stage lighting in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Danstheater AYA danced extracts from their current productions in which they were alternately lit with conventional and sustainable stage lighting. After every extract, the audience was asked a few questions about their experience of the performance. The results were part of more comprehensive research into sustainable stage lighting. With this project, entitled ‘Sustainability On stage!’, the Stage Technology Association wants to stimulate energy saving. To do this, the help of the audience was needed.
Lighting designer Tom Verheijen of Rapenburg Plaza was one of the designers who took part in this research. He created the lighting for a pas de deux by the Scapino Ballet and attempted to achieve a similar result with both conventional and sustainable lighting.