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Rabbit Hole – De La Mar Productions

Tjitske Reidinga and Peter Blok play a happily married couple whose life is turned upside down by a fatal accident.
Betty and Hugo had everything their heart desired but now they seem irreversible grow apart.
At the same time Betty has to settle with her dissolute sister and straightforward mother.
The contact with Jasper, the boy who was involved in the accident, however, seems to give her support and even offers a new perspective.

Antoine Uitdehaag has directed this touching drama about seeking solace and finding light in dark times.

Next to Tjitske Reidinga and Peter Blok, the other roles are for: Ria Eimers, Pauline Greidanus and Dorian Bindels.

  • Regie: Antoine Uitdehaag
  • Decor: Tom Schenk
  • Lichtontwerp; Pelle Herfst (Rapenburg Plaza)