The man of your life – De Theateralliantie


Following the success of ‘Vaslav’, Arthur Japin has once more adapted one of his novels for the theatre. ‘De man van je leven’ (‘The man of your life’) is a sparkling comedy in which everything revolves around Tilly (Liz Snoijink). After a long and happy marriage with Marius (Porgy Franssen), she falls seriously ill. When she hears that she will no longer get better, she goes to find a replacement for herself, behind her husband’s back. Someone who will later be able to take her place next to her husband. Iris (Susan Visser) seems to be the ideal candidate.
When Iris is introduced to the unsuspecting husband, a game of mistakes and old secrets begins, turning Tilly’s tragedy into a comedy of errors. But who is actually in control? Who is playing a game with whom? Nothing is what it seems.

  • Première : DeLaMar, Amsterdam
  • Open: October 15, 2017
  • Actors : Porgy Franssen, Liz Snoijink en Susan Visser
  • Script: Arthur Japin
  • Director: Gijs de Lange
  • Lighting design: Pelle Herfst – Rapenburg Plaza
  • Set design: Thomas Rupert en Roos Veenkamp
  • Costumes: Yan Tax
  • Production: Rosalie Mohr en Niels Dijkhoff