Het Internationaal Danstheater – Danzón

  • Opening night: 07 March 2016, DeLaMar Theatre, Amsterdam
  • Costume Design: Karisma-Costumes
  • Choreography: Jan Linkens
  • Lighting Design: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Live music with compositions and arrangements from Marcel Abel Calderon

After the overwhelming success of FADO, which was awarded the 2014 Public’s Choice Dance Award, the Internationaal Danstheater presents the new show Danzón, inspired by the eponymous music and dance form.

Danzón emerged around 1870 in Cuba by influences of European and African immigrants. In all walks of life and all races the Danzón was loved and and created a mix of rich and poor, white and black. Fearing this blending the Danzón was banned. Many dance and music emerged in this period throughout the area and the influence of Danzón and the Caribbean part of the rest of the music world has been unprecedented. Sensuality, rhythm, physicality, timbres of enormous expressiveness are a few of the features.

Dancers of the Internationaal Danstheater take you, along with the Cuban pianist and composer Marcel Abel Calderon and his band, to the fascinating world of various Caribbean cultures