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Danish Maritime Museum Helsingør

Rapenburg Plaza created the Lighting design and AV system design for the permanent exhibition: ‘Seafever’ in the new Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør, Denmark. Kossmann.dejong was responsible for the museum exhibition concept and design.
The spectacular museum with an area of ??5000 m2 was designed by the famous Danish architect BIG.
It is located in Helsingør in an old dry dock just steps away from Kronborg Castle , better known as the end of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
The museum was opened by queen Margrethe of Denmark on 5 October 2013.

The underlying metaphor of the multimedia exhibition is a journey that begins with the imagination of the universal longing for distant lands and adventures at sea. Through themes such as port , ship, navigation , war and trade , the maritime history of Denmark told to the contemporary role of the shipping industry worldwide.
In the several themes there is made use of impressive three-dimensional film installations . This requires a lot of original footage traced from archives and private collections. Visitors can use the interactive games to trade, navigate and make a tatoo on themselves.