The Court of the Netherlands – Dordrecht

  • Location: Dordrecht, The Netherlands
  • Open: 27 april 2015
  • Exhibition design: XPEX-Amsterdam
  • Décor construction: Heijmerink en Wagemakers
  • Lighting design, lighting and media control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza

The Court of the Netherlands is a museum on the spot where in 1572, during the First Free State Assembly, the foundation for our freedom is based. This historic meeting is central, but it also tells the story of Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland. A story that is clearly also the story of the Netherlands; the history of Dordrecht as a barometer of history. In this new museum you will experience 1572 again.

Rapenburg Plaza was responsible for the Exhibition Lighting Design, AV and Show Control system design and took care of the installation and programming of the AV-Light and Show Control.
The exhibition design is by Xpex Amsterdam.