Rapenburg Plaza

Cirklo – Dansgroep Krisztina de Châ

The round, whirling shapes of dervish dance collide and merge with the strict, rhythmical lines of a twirler. Dervishes are known for their spinning dance movements which transport them into a mystical trance. Krisztina de Châtel is fascinated by the trance which the whirling dervish dance evokes. The rigid, rectilinear structure of twirling also forms a source of inspiration in De Châtel’s new work.
The performance revolves around composer David Dramm’s new work which connects Sufi and electronic music. Ancient times, old and faraway cultures and contemporary music come together as in a spiral movement. The result is energetic and mesmerizing, which forms the impetus for the majorette’s twirling batons and dervishes’ perpetual motion. Traditional Turkish poems, connected with Sufi music, will be sung in a mix of improvisation and composition. David Dramm’s new work will be performed live on traditional and modern instruments.