Children’s Book Museum – The Hague

Following a closure of three years, the entirely renovated Children’s Book Museum (Kinderboekenmuseum) in The Hague has once again been open to the public from 9 December 2010.
The museum is proud to present the spectacular exhibition Papiria, an adventurous journey of discover through the world of the children’s book and your own imagination.
The interactive exhibition is a true experience. The use of multimedia and various forms of art make the classic book medium contemporary. The exhibition includes twelve interactive games, eighteen short AV productions about creating a story, thirty design stations where children can make their own characters, 111 original illustrations by 68 different illustrators, more than 150 sound-bites and approximately 50,000 books for the wall-height bookshelves. There are also four Pepper’s Ghost productions included in Papiria: magical dioramas with a fairy-tale beauty.
Rapenburg Plaza designed the ShowControl system and was also responsible for all audio-visual technology and all programming for the exhibition.