In the former building of CVC Best, the Philips Medical Customer Visitors Center, the CEC Best was opened after a refurbishment in April 2019.

In the center, the applications of Philips Medical are shown to potential customers and relations of Philips Medical in an intuitive, interactive and multifunctional way.

Screens have been placed at various locations in the center, both touch and non-touch, in order to create an interactive route through the center. The visitors are guided by a Philips expert who takes the visitor through all the Philips applications. The content designed by AvantGarde shown on the screens forms a storyline of various patients that are followed in his or her supervision by the various medical specialists.

The AV installation consists of an extensive Dante audio system, through which a flexible audio system is installed, a light control system, to control the Dali controlled luminaires, and a CMS system which is also a show control system.

The CMS system has been chosen to build a multi-functional CMS with Pixilabs Blocks, which provides stability, is multi-disciplinary and is very user-friendly for the client. With this, he / she has a tool to adjust the experience center for every occasion or to respond to changing wishes from retail departments and PR & marketing from Philips Medical.

The Pixilabs Blocks system is designed to handle content as flexibly as possible. From a server application it is possible to be able to push all forms of content to various end-points (screens, projectors). The advantage is that the content is stored centrally (instead of being distributed everywhere by the center), making it easy and safe to manage.

  • Location: Best – the Netherlands
  • Opening: April 2019
  • Client: Philips Medical CVC, Best
  • Lighting design: Sygnify – Rapenburg Plaza
  • Light and media control: Rapenburg Plaza
  • AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
  • Interior construction: Kubik
  • AV content: AvantGarde