Rapenburg Plaza

The Canon of The Netherlands – The Dutch Open Air Museum


A 19-metre-high exhibition hall containing approximately 1,900 m2 of exhibition space, 200 museum pieces, 25 interactive games, 67 projectors, and 66 interactive monitors linked by approximately 80,000 metres of cable with a capacity of 80,000 KWH make the new ‘Canon of Dutch History’ exhibition pretty spectacular.
The exhibition shows the highs and lows of Dutch history by means of digital media interspersed with authentic, historical objects.

Film sets that overlap each other show ten different time periods made up of fragments of historic buildings and monuments between which the visitor can roam freely. The 50 windows of the Canon of Dutch History have been incorporated in these ten time periods with historical objects and audiovisual presentations. The decors are also projected onto the ceiling so that the dome consists of one single, fascinating historical landscape.

You can read some of the publications about our work in this project in: Museums + Heritage; Livedesign; Installation International

  • Location: The Dutch Open Air Museum
  • Exhibition: Canon of The Netherlands
  • Open: September 22, 2017
  • Exhibition design: Kossmann.dejong
  • Decor construction: Heijmerink Wagemakers
  • Lighting design: Marc Heinz
  • Lighting and media control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza