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Brewery – Netherlands Open Air Museum Arnhem

  • Location: Netherlands Open Air Museum, Arnhem
  • Open: May 2014
  • Exhibition design: IJsfontein
  • Lighting design, lighting and Show Control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza

In the grounds of the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem are two beer breweries – a new one and an old one. In the new museum brewery, superb beer is brewed in modern vats with a feeling for tradition and craftsmanship.

The old brewery, Brouwerij de Roskam, allows you to experience what brewing used to be like in Brabant. The last brewer, Henri Nooren, brewed mainly top-fermented brown beer there until the nineteen twenties.

IJsfontein has created a new audio-visual experience in this old brewery.

A presentation that takes only a few minutes brings the brewery to life and charts the history of traditional brewing.

Light, sound and video images are the primary media used in this presentation.

Rapenburg Plaza produced the lighting design, provided the entire audio-visual installation and programmed the light and ShowControl.