Bloedverwanten – Kemna Theater

  • Opening night : 27-09-2015, Stadsschouwburg Leiden
  • Scenario: Haye van der Heyden
  • Producer: Kemna Theater, Monique van Welzen / Job Gosschalk
  • Director: Anne van der Linden
  • Set design: Rob Snoek
  • Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza

Bloedverwanten, the TV series will have its own stage version. The play tells about the complications surrounding the Winter family and their family business.

The performance tells that Anton increasingly forgets lately. He retreats into the beachhouse where he plans to write a novel about the war history of the family. When his family also comes to the house, Anton is faced by his unavoidable increasing age. Tempers flare when everyone tries to (re) discover the grip on life ..

With Henriette Tol, Derek de Lint, Tanja Jess and Saskia Temmink.