Bisjpalen, een woud van magische beelden – Tropenmuseum Amster

In the Lichthal of the Tropenmuseum an installation has been made of 58 beautifully decorated sculptures, the Bisjpalen. These metershigh poles are memorials to the dead which play an important role during the Bisjfeast of thet Asmat-folk in Papoea Nieuw Guinea.
The installation of the Bisjpalen is surrounded by projections of images of the Asmatters and phases of the Bisj-feast. These fragments, the authentic soundrecordings, the lightshow of color and shadow completely bring the bisjpalen to life and pull you into the Bisj-feast. Making you, the observer, a participant in this intense magical ritual. There are six exceptional filmproductions made where people share their different perspectives towards the meaning and vision of the ritual. The conservator of the museum speaks about the museums perspective on the collection, and one sees the filmcrew whom travelled to the Asmat-region to interview the Papoea’s about the rituals and the Bisj-festivities.
Rapenburg Plaza was responsible for all of the light-, sound-, video- and system-design. Resulting in a 25 minute exposition sequence with sound effects, video-images and changing light effects with the exhibited Bisjpalen as main story line.
For this exhibition Rapenburg Plaza together with Kossmann en de Jong are the winner of the Yellow Pencil D&AD Awards Londen, catagory Environmental Design/Exhibitions 2008.