Experience The Trial Colony


Drenthe has a museum: The Trial Colony in Frederiksoord, about the origin of our welfare state. In this experience center you will learn everything about the history of the Colonies of Benevolence (nominated for the World Heritage List 2019) and their influence on our contemporary society.

The Colonies of Benevolence were founded 200 years ago to combat poverty.
Through land reclamation and continuous improvements in agricultural methods, the poor were given the prospect of a better life. The Colonies were progressive in their social measures and completely self-sufficient, which was exceptional. They show the belief in the manufacturability of people and society. View the trailer here.
In Pronk’s design, the multimedia experience forms “The Trial Colony; an experiment of charity “the crowd puller, followed by the interactive post show” Do it then, Do it now “. Visitors experience what kindness is, why it was necessary and why it is still relevant.
Museum The Trial Colony is located in the Huis van Weldadigheid in Frederiksoord.