Airborne Museum, Oosterb

Following extensive renovation, the ‘Hartenstein’ Airborne Museum reopened on 28 August 2009. The Royal Commissioner for the Province of Gelderland and commanders of the British and Polish paratroopers officially opened the museum on Sunday 20 September 2009.
The entire museum has been renovated and, as part of this, there is a new underground exhibition called ‘Airborne Experience (September 1944)’. This leads the visitor through the Battle of Arnhem and is unique in Europe.

Idea specialists ‘Tinker imagineers’ were asked to bring the battle to life in the new 900m2 basement. On entering it, you are immediately immersed in the events of September 1944. With historic artillery, ruins and overwhelming images and lighting and sound effects, a journey through the Airborne Experience is an experience that appeals to all the senses. Kloosterboer built the impressive decors that create a very vivid suggestive effect.
Rapenburg Plaza had a major share in this new museum experience. Commissioned by Tinker, we supplied the lighting design, the media control, AV and ShowControl equipment and installed everything.
In close collaboration with the museum, Tinker, Decor builder Kloosterboer and the AV-content designers at Tungsten Studio, we succeeded in welding everything together into an impressive immersive experience.