A’DAM TOREN – Amsterdam

  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Open: april 2016
  • Client: A’DAM
  • Brand Consultancy: The Stone Twins
  • Interior design: Tank
  • Interior design: Lookout: Northern Light
  • Lighting design, lighting and Showcontrol, AV technology: Rapenburg Plaza

A’DAM Toren is the new name for ‘Toren Overhoeks’. The tower was designed by the architect Arthur Staal as a commission by Royal Dutch Shell. In fact, the tower is also affectionately known as the ‘Shelltoren’ by many Amsterdammers. It was officially opened in 1971, and was home to the multinational oil company until 2009.

A’DAM is proud of its roots – as it boldly claims the well-known abbreviation of Amsterdam. The brand name A’DAM also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music’, which reflects the business of the owners and main tenants: ID&T, AIR Events and MassiveMusic.

Staal designed the office tower at 45° to the IJ waterfront. This diagonal position (‘overhoeks’ in Dutch) gave the building its first name – and, in fact, informs much of A’DAM’s edgy, innovative and surprising personality.

At this moment, A’DAM is undergoing a massive renovation that will transform it into an iconic multifunctional tower. It will be home to a mix of offices, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, an observation point and a revolving restaurant. A’DAM is due to open in April 2016.

Rapenburg Plaza is currently busy creating the lighting design for the exterior of A’DAM Toren and the lighting design and AV-Showcontrol system design for : A’DAM Lookout, MADAM bar, 360 revolving rooftop restaurant, A’DAM &Co club and the Loft inside the tower.