About us

Rapenburg Plaza brings lighting design, audio-visual design and ShowControl together. We work intensively with the client, designers, directors, artists and end users. We have the expertise to implement the entire technical production of a design.

Our final goal is to make the maximum contribution to the experience that you want to create.

Lighting Designer

The lighting designer produces lighting concepts for museums, exhibitions, experiences, theatre performances, film and TV productions, and architecture. The way the lighting designer works varies from project to project but the aim is always to make the public experience exactly what the client wants to convey.

Quote: ‘Light and darkness are vital factors in the way we experience a space, an environment or artistic expression. An open door that embraces everyone. But being aware of lighting, designing it professionally and then applying it effectively are much less obvious.’

Audiovisual Solutions

An audio-visual system designer selects the projectors, screens, loudspeakers, computers and other equipment needed for theatre performances, museums or complex AV presentations. The AV system designer works with the content supplier, the designer of the interactive software, the Show Control system designer and the exhibition designer.

Quote: ‘A picture says more than a thousand words, a moving picture says more than ten thousand words, and a moving picture with sound sometimes defies description.’

Show Control

The Show Control system designer integrates and co-ordinates technologies such as lighting, video, sound, computers and perhaps even a building management system for applications like theatre performances, museums, theme parks or complex presentations. To do this successfully, the Show Control system designer not only needs a thorough knowledge of the technologies and networks concerned but also has to be able to think creatively.

Quote: ‘A Show Control system designer is like a conductor who lets all the musicians – the technical equipment – do their job but whose overall aim is the success of the total project – the concert.’

Lighting, AV and Show Control programmer

The programmer creates the control software (such as lighting control, audio or video servers and Show Controllers) for theatre performances, film and TV productions, museums, theme parks or complex AV presentations.

The way that programmers work depends on the technologies they use and the project itself. Programmers forge the ideas of the director, the lighting designer, the sound designer, the image designer and, of course, the client into a single, unforgettable experience, and usually in the last, long days before the premiere or opening.

Quote: ‘It’s great to make all the ideas of the designers possible in a completely operational system using only a laptop and your own creativity.’

Project Manager

In each project timeline, the technical projectmanager co-ordinates the work of builders, installers and programmers. Their task is to make everything run efficiently. The project manager plans the work and is the point of contact for the creatives and the client or end-user. As such, the technical project manager is also present at project meetings with all of those involved.
During the installation period, the technical project manager makes any necessary adjustments.

Quote: ‘As the co-ordinator, you depend on the input of all those involved. The magic word is communication. Viewed in this light, when all of the technical co-workers can do their work without disruptions, the project is already a success.’

Delivery and installing equipment

The technician installs the chosen equipment according to the relevant standards and connects it to the building’s electrical and network systems. Apart from the installation work, the technician also consults on the equipment to be used, the cable plan and the use of the system. The work is finished when all the equipment is delivered in working state.

Quote: ‘The technical resources that you have available change almost daily. That’s what makes the job exciting and challenging.’


If you are interested in our services and would like more information, or if you would like to discuss an idea, please contact Jan-Paul Coenraad